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Hello, my scanmaster has been installed for years and working fine but no it only displays
88888 and will not turn off when I kill the car. I checked the connections
Red to keyed power source
Black to ground
And 3rd wird connected to power logger terminal connections are tight
I disconnected the red for the time being because my battery was running down

Any help would be appreciated

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I don't think that"s good.
You don't get the 2.2 flash up at start?
Reseat the chip. try again

Try putting back the original 2.1 chip and just apply 12v - no data lead connected, see if it shows 2.1 briefly?
if not unhook quickly.
If good so far hook up the old ALDL and see if it talks talks to the ECM.
If that works then its the 2.2 chip bad

Otherwise send it to Full Throttle
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