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I know some of you are gonna eek! when you see some of these numbers.
I wanna know the good from the bad.

Readings taken @ idle.
O2 167-780
Knock 0* (A given I know)
AF 05
L8 28-32
BAT 11.8 (Low I know)
INT 114-128
BL 105 What could cause this? dunno
MPH 00 (Another given)
CLT 170*
ATS 63* (sitting in polebarn)
RPM 875-925
TPS .56 (Should be Lower)
IAC 71 (Should be way lower)
CC Varies as it should.
NAL 41 (showed a friend what happens when a cam sensor craps out)

Diesect this information and let me know. What/where I should start.

I will soon be procuring a stock intake with a hemco upper. 62 mm TB. and a PHAT fuel rail on it as well.
I would like to tune this 1 I have now so I better understand then I get the other 1.
TIA -Matt-

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Readings taken at idle are basically useless unless trouble shooting a problem that is obvious at idle.

Set the tps and iac and see if that leans out the blms.
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