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I have completely removed my interior from my 86 GN.
Short of the buckets and the console and the floor shifter, It is going into my 82 Regal.

BUT........now I'm leaning towards doing the bucket seats & console and floor shifter, plus swapping out the steering columns.
I have some questions....
Should I even do this or just leave in auto on the column with bench seat and repaint the auto on the column shifter gray?
I do like the sleeper effect.
But then again..........
#1 Can you leave the outer floor mount brackets that came for a bench seat(like whats currently in my Regal) and just remove the innner floor mounts for the bucket seats(from my GN), and reinstall those to the Regal's floor and be able to install the bucket seats? Or do those outer floor mount brackets need to be removed from the GN and transfered to the Regal?
#2 The console has also mount brackets do I need to transfer those also?
#3 The steering colomns ...the Regal is auto on the column,and is a 82, I 'm starting to find out some of these interoir parts don't interchange, what all is interchangeable between the GN column and the 82 Regal column, will there be different wiring, and wiring plugs?Different locations? and what all has to unbolted to swap out the columns?
#4 Some of the trim pieces from my Regal have to be removed and painted gray to match the GN interior, the one I'm struggling the most with is removing the rear trim strip at the top of the rear window that holds in the head liner, It just dosen't seem to want to release with out breaking some type of those clips underneath, any Ideas?
#5 Can the same heater controls from the Regal be used or does the GN one need to be swapped in?
#6 My drivers side bucket seat is power , debating on wether to use it as so, or swap out to a manual track, if I do go to the power, what will I need from the GN? I do see a bright orange wires that was pugged into the seat.
#7 The rear seat belts from GN are dirty , appears they have gotten into some type of wetness and soaked it up, is there any way to clean up those again?and the other seat belts for that matter also.
#8 Is there anything else that I would need to address during this swap?
Thanks again

Chris Reed
"Stg 1 Regal"
1982 Buick Regal w/"71" 455,Edelbrock Intake,800cfm q-jet,Poston's headers,duals,GN BRF 2004r trans,GN drive shaft,GN rearend with 3.42,GNdoghouse,(maybe)GN interior,GNwing,& GNrear taillamps.
1986 Buick Grand Nat'l
"ULUS2A6" met the rust king, & met the eng maker,donated it's parts to STG 1 Regal

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Most of the parts you mention will interchange.The steering columns should also if they are both tilt or staight columns.Theseat tracks will also change over I have done it in a 78 El Camino.The seat tracks are the same.Had to drill holes for the two tracks near transmission tunnel though.Getting ready to switch in an overdrive trans out of a GN along with the console and shifter have test fit it in the car and seems to be fairly simple swap.The mounting brackets may need to be switched though.

85 Grand National usual mods
78 El Camino
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