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I swear I posted this already but now I can't find it.

I had read a thread somewhere where a guy had taken the hood/engine bay rubber seal (that one on top of the firewall) and put it around his 86/87 TR fan.

I checked my fan and I have a 1-1.5 inch gap bewteen it and the rad.

Yesterday I went to the local yard and got a seal from a 442. Cut it to length and put it on my 87 GN fan. It filled the gap nicely.

Started the car and it blew up. Kidding. Acutaly I started the car and turned on the air to engage the fan. Standing in front of the car I can put my hand a few inches in front of the grill and definitely feel the air moving past. I say that is a major inprovement.

Question - why would GM leave such a large gap between the fan and rad when clearly the fan will draw air from around it rather than through the rad?

I assume the rubber seal will not hurt anything but let me know if I am mistaken.

87 Grand National - 24k,T-tops, Red Armstrong xp pump, 93 chip/Thrasher 92 (not sure which one I like better), and volt booster. VC breathers, stealth engine anchor, trans cooler, Fast Freddie knock detector, VDO boost/vac gauge. Stock motor and exhaust except for a test pipe. K&N filter in stock box with bottom half removed. Car weighed in at 3490 without me in the seat.

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GM did not leave such a large gap...if the fan is mounted correctly (the factory fan), there will be about half an inch. I guess they figured that is close enuf.

Working on a front mount car that runs hot this week end, we took some trunk weatherstripping and put around the fan. It worked very well also.

This car was missing the piece of felt that goes from the lower edge of the grill to the radiator support as well....removed my someone that was too lazy to trim out clearance for the front mount pipes, I guess. We used some lexan and boxed in the lower opening to force air thru the radiator instead of allowing it to leak out the bottom. That helped a lot as well.
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