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Replacing body side moldings

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I'm getting my Turbo-T we-4 repainted this week and a couple of my blacked out side moldings got broke while trying to remove.Anyway I'm going to just go ahead and replace them all so I don't get any door dings and was wondering if anyone knows the GM part #'s to replace them and at what cost from GM?
Is there some place else to buy another type that is blacked out other than GM that look as good and at what cost?

Thanks,Black Ice

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I have heard from Kirban's newsletters that they are no longer available.

Kirban sells what he says are the closest replacements available.

I'll probably buy some someday as both my cars have that option.

I personally have not checked with GM dealers yet though.

Good luck.
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salvageV6 is right, there not available from GM anymore but Kirban sells a set that looks almost exactly like factory. I put them on my '87 GN when I re-did it and it looks great.

Craig Winters
Manitoba Grand National Association
(204) 771-1127

'87 GN, all stock [email protected]
Are Kirbans stick on or rivited on?
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