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The registry is gradually being populated as more "Hot Air" owners become aware of it. Check it out on Facebook. Attached are word and pdf files showing the registrants so far. (Oops - won't let me post word doc, so email me if you want a word copy [email protected]) If you know any 1984 owners please make them aware.

It is broken into three categories:
1 - the 100 GNs sold into Canada in 1984
2 - the 1900 GNs sold into the USA in 1984, and
3 - the 3401 turbo T-Types sold (could be 3200 - still trying to track exact number).

Personally, I am the second owner of one of the 100, 1984 GNs sold into Canada and one of the 4 sold in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area. My ride has 95 RPOs on the SPID and 5 aluminum RPOs including the hood, although I question that since it is still pretty heavy. I have owned it since 1988 and drive it 1600 mile to Florida every winter (started taking autotrain last couple of years so only 800 miles now).


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