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Random Tech. Cat. Conv.

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Anyone know the overall length of the Random Technology cat. # 923007?

That is the one for 3" downpipes.

I emailed them but they say there may be a delay in answering.

Any comments about that cat. would be appreciated.

Yeah I posted this elsewhere too.

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Someone must have one of these things, and a tape measure....
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I work w/ the guys at Random and just checked the print... The overall length of the 923007 cat is 15.5".
It is 3" ID on the inlet and 3" out w/ the stock GN 4 bolt flange.


Chuck Leeper
86 GN
10.27 @ 132mph
More to come :eek:)
What's the price on the 3" catalytic converter? Also where's the best place to get them? Is it made of stainless steel?
thanks, Claude.

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I called Terry Houston directly a couple years ago inquiring about the cost of the 3" cats that came with their THDP.

I think at that time, it was $119US. I picked up a "used once" CAT from the TR trading post for $95US shipped to Toronto.

Thanks Chuck got one on order it should fit with the THDP.

I hollowed the one I got with the THDP and picked up 4 psi. boost no other changes.

That's why I ordered the Random one.
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