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Radiator hoses from Carparts?

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ANyone ever order hoses from carparts? I'm gonna need some when it comes time to replace the radiator. The hoses are much cheaper than Kirbans but are they the exact same brand or shape?

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Hard telling if they are the same shape or not, I went through three uppers different ones from AutoZone, Napa, and carquest....none fit as well as the one that is still on the car, the lower from Carquest worked fine though. I'll probably replace everything with silicone hoses soon so I can freshen up all the heater hoses.
Smokin6, in my experience it's better to bite the bullet and go with a TR vendor for these, unless you have a good local dealer.

Just an example - carparts and wrenchead both show a bypass hose that is incorrect for a TR. I tried both places for the smaller hoses (bypass and heater) and they were wrong.

Try Mike McCoy (M&M Motorsports).

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Radiator hoses are still available from the dealer. A discount dealer will charge around 12 bucks, I think, last time I bought one.

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