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Quick tire pressure question

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When you guys measure tire pressure on slicks, do you do it immediately after a run, or before it when the tires are cooled off? I've been running 15-17 psi hot (right after a run) in my ET streets and want to try going a little lower as I hear 12-14 psi is the magic number for these. I just want to make sure I'm running the "coorect" 13 psi.

Rob Andersen
86 GN, Stock turbo and intercooler, Alchohol Injection, 43# Bosch injectors, MM Translator Plus w/3" MAF and extender chip, Hotwired Walbro 307, Hooker 2 1/2" duals, 3" THDP, Test pipe
12.39 @ 106.9 MPH
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b4.. Traction for the launch is more important..

On our race truck we check it just before we enter the water box.




87 GN
12.05 @ 111, 1.60 60', 15psi launch

New mods @ 20 psi: 12.44 @ 107 60' 1.71.... With problems
JJ 62mm
MaxEffort, 22psi
Race fuel only for street
No more 92 octane for this car:)

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