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where other than the vin tag would you find a vin (other than motor or trans)
on frame?
under panels?
please help need to check out a car

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What is it your trying to figure out. Sunds as if the car is right. But you are looking for options.
You can look for the call sheet. I think that's the name. It usually can be found
in door panel or under back seat.
Dove's first book in TR Regals helped me on my first by. On my third and fourth cars.
There is a color tag on the drivers side under the hood which can tell you the color.
I believe GN's in 87 code was 18. Kirban also sells a book about buying a good TR car.
Hope some of this helped. If not you can e me and I can go through my books.
PS. there is suppose to be a number on the frame. Just don't know where.Good Luck!
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