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Doe anyone have a diagram or can explain to me a little better,about how the hose set up is for the
Vacuum Conversion kit.
I bought the kit from Poston.So Yes I do have all the right parts.
All I really understand is one hose comes off the vac pod(extra port) and then runs to the booster.
What about the T. Where does that run into or from
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What tee? If you don't have the block with the extra port on the driver's side, then you have to tee into the pvc, or such. Is that what you are talking about? :)

Just straight from the new block to the check valve in the booster.

Yes. In the kit it came with the T. and it kind of confused me!
So, From the driver side port, straight to the valve check booster.Nothing in between?
some cars had a vapor trap in the line...kinda like a small fuel filter...I guess that would stop vapors in the boost pressure but they were used on regular cars by gm.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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