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If you have purchased a fuel pump hot-wire harness from the Deep South Buick Club, please contact me directly. I have discovered a major problem that will need to be reworked. This problem would have been found the moment that you tried to install the harness. I personally made the error and apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. Every harness that was built will have to be reworked before they can be correctly installed into the car. Since no one (Mark, you are excluded) has mentioned the problem before now, I assume that no one has attempted to install the harness.

The Deep South Buick Club will make things right for each and every person that has already purchased a harness. If you would please contact me directly, either by mail or phone, we can discuss the problem and determine the best solution for each and every individual.



25#s boost w/C16
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Ricky Mixon
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mailto:D[email protected][email protected]</A>
www.DeepSouthBuickClub.com Coming Soon!
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