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Just installed a new power steering pump as the previous would whine loudly once warm. The new pump is quiet, but there is a new issue.

Current Problem: Nothing while cool, but under load and going uphill it sounds like a sucking or boiling sound and a new vibration can be felt through the steering wheel. When warmed up, having the wheel turned creates the same effect.

Attempted fixes: 1) Bled the system with the tires up twice 2) Checked for kinks in the lines 3) Checked fluid levels

Theory: 1) Perhaps just not enough fluid, though I've checked the level multiple times. It's currently just over the "cold full" line (when cold obviously). It does seem to be worst going uphill, but it's also under load then so I really can't be sure. 2) Power steering box? Steering generally feels fine while driving. Took it out for a long(ish) drive yesterday and it behaves great until I get on it a little or turn the wheel all the way to one side or the other.

Setup: New power steering pump and lines (also installed new headers at the same time, but don't think it's relevant). Reverse thread reservoir.

Any help/theories would be hugely appreciated!
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