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There are 2 shows coming up in the next month or so that are worthy of note. (1) The 42 L.A. Roadster Show is this next weekend, (Father's Day weekend) at the Ponoma Fairplex. Fwiw, Scott Wile (Chevota) and his dad always show their beautiful roadster at this show every year. I enclosed hot links for info that I hope work. Even if you are not into roadsters, the show is worth seeing. Great parking lot sale there is very worthwhile. While the cars inside the main showgrounds are limited to true roadsters, it's anything goes in the parking lot sale. Literally hundreds of vendors are there to represent their products, and a lot of the products are not limited to roadsters. Every vendor that you can think of will be there on display. It is Sat., 06-17-2026 & Sun., 06-18-2006, from 7 A.M. until 4 P.M.

The 2nd show is the annual All GM car show and Swap Meet at Woodley park in Van Nuys on Sun., 09 July, 2006. This show has always been heavy on showing and light on swapping. It is sponsored by the Buick Club of America-Los Angeles Chapter. The ones of you that have been to this show before know how much fun this show is. Last year there was a under 300 mile GN on display. Maybe 286 miles or something like that. There were about 6 or 7 turbo Buicks on display last year. Hope to see everybody there. Doug Frazure and a lot of the So Cal Gran Sports owners will be there also. Buicks always show well at this show, but naturally we never seem to win anything. Generally not too many vettes there.
Gary Wells
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