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Plug wire resistances

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Ok went to ohm the plug wires and here's what I got:

#1 wire 4.63 K
#2 wire 3.46 k
#3 wire 3.78 k
#4 wire 3.26 k
#5 wire 3.44 k
#6 wire 4.12 k

Sounds right?

87 GN Hardtop~ stock motor, stock intercooler, TE 51 w/.63 exhaust housing,big mouth cold air induction, hotwired walboro 340, MSD 50's, cold air induction, stock TB and plenum, THDP, 3" ATR dual exhaust, 10 mm Magnecor wries, B&M tranny cooler, performance transmissions deep aluminum pan, Dynotech shift kit, VDO gauges, Autometer boost gauge, SMC alchy injection, PTE remote oil system, ATR 3" maf pipe, scanmaster 2
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yes, it's okay...don't pay any attention to anyone that says lower resistance will work better. They sound like carbon suppression wires rather than spiral wrapped suppression wires and with age, they can crack internally and cause misses, tho'

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