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I have (4) used CAMs with matching lifters at my disposal. Which one should I use in my 4.1 production motor? Motor is as follows:

.040 over 4.1 production (259c.i.)
Champion Irons, matched intake
TA-62 or so turbo
Stock ECM, MAF ect..
MOSTLY PUMP GAS MOTOR. This is my daily driver/Wednesday warrior. But, it will get beat on occasionally with go juice.

Here are my requirements:

Must idle nicely at 800rpm idle, 700rpm in gear.
No annoying lope or fat cam sound
Want it to make plenty of power around 5200rpm (that is where my trans shifts by itself)
Don't want to be forced to manually shift car at higher rpm's to obtain full advantage from CAM

OK, now for the (4) CAMS I have, which one will suit me the best?

Stock CAM
210/205 Club CAM (does NOT have 3* offset)
214/218 Sig Erson
224/224 unknown

There it is.. please pick based on knowledge or experience. Again, if I was building a pure race motor, I know what CAM to use. But I really just want something a little better than stock. If I were building a 3.8, I would probably use the stock cam again. But since this motor has more cubes than the 3.8 I feel it might be a little small in this case. Whadda ya think?? Thanks.


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Sig Erson, advance it a couple of degrees...not familar with this one but the Erson 214/214 is a great cam

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Originally posted by Steve Wood:
Sig Erson, advance it a couple of degrees...not familar with this one but the Erson 214/214 is a great cam

I'm with Steve...the 224/224 will be noticeable. I kinda like it, and it will idle at 800, but....it also could use a bit more than 5200 rpm.

That 214/218 should be barely noticeable, if it's got a decent LSA (110 or more).


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I'd go with the 210-205. Better all around IMO. The 218 has too much duration for a decent idle and cold start-up performance. On the other hand if you have DFI that 218 can be tamed a bit with a richer mixture.

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