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Parking Lamp Bulbs

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Each parking light assembly has 2 bulbs within...what #s are they? :confused:

(Asking the Q before ordering some HD replacements)

TIA!! :)
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Which bulbs?The ones in the bumper housings?

You are correct...should have said:

Turn Signal/Parking Lamp assembly (housing 2 different bulbs) in front bumper (not to be confused with the side marker parallel with headlamps)

TIA!! :)
194 and 1157[staggered socket pins],if memory serves me correctly.
You can use the 194A[amber] and 1157A for a more "golden" look.
If you like the "twinkly" look to the lens,use a spray on grout bathroom cleaner inside the lens before you mount them up.
Spray it in into the lens housing,swish it around,let it sit for about 3 minutes,and rinse it out well.
They'll come out clean as a whistle.
Let them dry and mount them up. :)

Terrific info & pointers!

Much appreciated! yup
You're welcome. :)
The big bulb is a 3157. Tried 1157s and they didn't work. Looks the same but must be a difference.
You sure John?I've always used 1157's in mine[fairly standard for the time period].
Your sockets been changed?
Maybe he should have a look at his?
194 & 1157 are the correct bulbs "A" suffix is for amber. You may have had the sockets replaced at some time??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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