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Paper clip

A paper clip? Well, I know there is controversy on this subject, I can only speak from experience. Locking up the torque converter has always been worth a solid 2 tenths (YES, TWO TENTHS FROM A PAPER CLIP!) at the track. Some say breakage can occur, which comes from the fact that you are working the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) on the shifts by locking it up at WOT. This can eventually burn out the clutches, but at the typical "Recipe Car" level, the stock converter will take this treatment for several hundred runs.

Which pins get connected?
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A & F

the ones on the ends of the top row. If you wish to be a bit more sophisticated so you can lock it only in third gear, or part way into second gear....simply run a wire from the top left terminal to a switch and then to ground (or the top right hand terminal which is a ground)

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