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OK, so I bit the bullet and am trying to set up a facebook page regarding the original 100 1984 GNs sold into Canada.
I am the owner of one of the original 100 1984 Buick Grand Nationals imported into Canada. Mine was imported into Harvey Pontiac Buick in Pembroke, Ontario Canada and was one of four sold in the Ottawa, Ontario area.
My goal is to build a registry for the "original 100". If you own one of the original 100 please feel free to publish your story and include what you would like to see in a registry - i.e. owner, original dealership, town, province, number of rpo codes etc.
I am very new to this and am an old guy, so have patience and maybe together we can build a fun page full of info about our '84s and only our '84s.
Other GN owners are welcome to come visit and share anything they want about our '84s
Wish me luck!
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