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Just want to introduce myself as I just joined the forum. I have an '87 TR that I bought new in 1987. Here is the run down on it:

Stock block 0.030 over, TRW forged pistons
Stock heads--I did some clean up on them
Stock cam, valves, and rockers
Stock intake with RJC power plate
36lbs Blue Top injectors
TA49 Turbo
Stock Transmission with B&M Shift kit
2800 Stall converter
Stock intercooler
Stock downpipe
Gutted cat to ATR dual 3" exhaust
Home built 2 stage Alcohol Injection
Thrasher Chip (Turbo Regal-Grand National/T Type Chips - Thrasher Engineered Performance)
KYB Shocks
Southside lift bars

I used to race it at New England Dragway. Best run was 12.42 sec @ 111.xx mph. I haven't raced in a while. I have been focusing on fixing a bunch of stuff than needs attention on the car after 26 years!

As I said, I have been around for a while. Here is a link to an article I wrote:
Rebuilding Your Turbocharger

Looking forward to being able to contribute here as well!

Chris Fasulo


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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