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OK What did I prove / disprove?

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On smoking condition.
1)No oil on turbo compressor side
2)Oil in DP but
3)Started car with exhaust elbow off and ran awhile and no smoking.
4)Ran finger in tailpipe and they are very oily.

By running the car with elbow off with no smoking did this eliminate valve steams, headgasket,intake leak?
By no oil on compressor side did this eliminate turbo.

If the above is correct, I think I might of had a defective PVC that coated the exhaust system and I have not driven the car enough to burn it all out.
If this is correct, would it take a long time to burn out? It could not have been more than a 1/2 pint as I am not low on oil.
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Pull the oil filler cap off when its good & hot " If its puffing smoke then your rings are shot" Sounds like your turbo is ok.
Did that, no smoke, plus the compression was good.
It sounds as if either it was your pcv or the exhaust side of the turbo seal is bad.

Now, if there was no smoke out of the turbo with the dp off, it would sound as if the oil is coming from the accumulation in the exhaust system at the moment...to me, anyway.

My guess too.
Any ideas to get rid of it besides burn it out by driving.
Would a top engine help or add more stuff to burn?
I would drive it and watch oil consumption...if it is not sucking up the oil, I would find something else to worry about!

I will drive it at night.
Don't want people to think its an old Caravan.
paint some murals on it and then fool them when you bury them!

How about fake wood siding?
I would like to find one of those old turbo charged ones to play with.
I used to have a web site of a guy who was running 12s with one. Carried all his kids to the track in it.
Originally posted by Steve Wood:
paint some murals on it and then fool them when you bury them!
I like to see capital letters at the beginning of a sentence. Joker was sure right about you.

actually, he was sureLY right about me.

Yeah, you're surly, that is a sure a fact.

Originally posted by Zap:
Yeah, you're surly, that is a? sure a fact.


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Hmm, I have the same exact problem. I have not checked my compression. I am thinking my engone is fresh and the rings have ont seated cuz I have not been to the track yet. At least I am hoping.
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