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I'm trying to finish my build-up for my porsche hybrid.

4.1 bored 0.40 over, Hyper pistons
comp cams 212 cam
36 # injectors
PTE remote high flow filter kit
Melling High flow oil pump 60# spring
stock timing cover fully deburred
stock turbo
Stock IC for now
Ported stock heads
custom fab'd oil pan

trying to prime the oil system before trying to fire it up.

I packed the housing with vasoline and checked the clearances of the oil gears.

When I prime the system with my 1/2 drill it runs up to 20 psi (mechanical oil gauge hoojed by the oil pressure switch) for about 30 seconds then drops down to nothing!

I have been screwing around with this all afternoon and getting no where.

I made sure that the oil galley plusgs are in
the spring hat is in the right way
I do have 2 gaskets but clearance seems OK at around .005 fully torqued down.
OIl pan has plenty of oil and pickup has been tested

Taking the PTE kit off is a PIA because of the way the hoses are one it you have to remove both as an assembly.

I decided to take the PTE kit off, no adaptor for oil cooler or anything, just a Framm oil filter screwed on like a non turbo motor.

Guess what... Oil system primes OK and holds about 10 PSI consistantly.

What the hell am I missing here??


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ARe you sure the pte unit is plumbed correctly? I recall at least one in Houston that came with the hoses reversed.
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