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oil i intake tract

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Just removed my intercoler for a cleaning and noticed alot of oil in around the throttle body and intake tube from the intercooler. The turbo side is squeeky clean so I don't think it is coming from that direction. I looks like it is coming back out of the engine. have wiped the oil "puddle" at the rubber coupler to the TB a couple of times now and it keeps reforming. Hope it is something simple like a pcv or ????. The guy I bought it from just changed the oil and stuff, did not dig to deep into maintenance stuff. Also I have a RJ power plate to install and am wondering if I should drill the hole for the EGR passage. Car will never be emissions tested where I live. What do you think? Thanks.
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Did you remove the oil recovery tube from the pass. valve cover to the inlet bell?
That's a source of oil in the intake tract and should be one of the first cheap mods to a TR. Put an open element breather on and cap the opening on the bell.
If you've done that, and still have oil, it's like the turbo seals are bad.
I did install the breather kit about a month ago. Would I not see some kind of oil or residue on the output of the turbo itself if either of these two spots were the cause of the oil? Like I said the turbo mouth and passenger side of the intercooler were spotless. Unless it's just the left over crap from when the breather was installed.
Unless you have a special chip, set up for the EGR blocked off, you should drill the power plate. A chip burned for working EGR will have too much timing at part throttle, and you will probably get some knock unless you drill the hole.
Yeah, check your PCV. If you have enough blow-by it is likely that there is still some oil coming in, even with the breathers.

I just found a dribble of oil sitting at my turbo's outlet. Nothing at the throttle body tho. Granted it has about 6' of tubing and intercooler to blow through. Looks like the time to upgrade is coming. wink

Oh, and if you are still getting the puddle, try cleaning out the IAC resevoir. It has a tendency to collect the crap over the years that the stock emissions controls were in place. And check the cap on the turbos inlet bell, I have seen some nasty crap caked up in there... just ask GNANIMO. wink
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