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O2 Sensor

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I'm running leaded race gas (C16)with a heated O2. What effect when the sensor gets coated? I assume that the WOT fueling with not be affected since it is open loop.
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The readings for the O2 will become erratic when it is shot. WOT is not affected but the Blcok learn will be when staging and idling which can throw off fueling at WOT. A lot of chip turners will lock BLM @ 128 for this reason. If the O2 is shot and you don't have another just reset the ECM in the pits before a new pass.
heated sensors seldom code but they lose range as the first indicator.

Might be a good idea to try the Denso sensor that people have been talking about. Nick Micale has been keeping some in stock. There is a heated version available but most seem to have had great luck with the non-heated.

News Flash -
I just had my first Denso single wire start to code. Car still running strong but started to get a short display of the check engine light and it appears my Denso O2 sensor is causing this. Still think it lasted longer than any other and I have been sending a lot of 110 - 116 leaded fuel through it since March. A lot of WOT at Bowling Green 2 weeks ago as well.

I ordered 2 more, just in case.

Has anyone else experienced this with the Denso ??
i think i'm going to go with a old sensor to swap in. my delco with a easy 30 runs with low lead 100 is now just startin to put some codes out.
A blink of the lite? You got a code 13? Or 44/45 (if that is what rich or lean exhaust is....)

How do you contact Nick Micale??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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