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o2 readings

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is it normal for the o2 readings to fluctate..at part throttle cruise from in the 300 right up to 750...changes all the time from high to low...at wot they steady out??
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That only happens in Canada wink It's normal
Perfectly normal.
also my wot o2 readings are in the 600's but im getting low 2.0 kr the odd time...tried raising fp but o2's dont raise much..any ideas??
At what point are you in the 600's ?
at wot...before tha alky and during
You might have too much fuel.
Turn it down about 1/2 turn and see what happens to the O2's.
too much fuel would give you low o2 readings...i always thought it worked the other way...rich was high o2 ???
too much fuel would give you low o2 readings...i always thought it worked the other way...rich was high o2 ???
Sorta.Too much fuel can actually cause a poor combustion condition.
So can too little.
Ask anyone who's failed an E-test with the fuel pressure real low and had to turn it up to pass.
We did exactly what I suggested with Bill Savino's car at BG this year when he had the same problem as you and the car snapped back in line.
Those trends for O2's really only apply when you have all the air and fuel combusting properly.
Just keep an eye on the knock gauge.
What plugs are you running?
What gap?
Engine properly broken it yet?
running r44 ts at .035 gap...car has about 500 miles on new engine....by the way im running a smc alky kit...turns on at 14 psi....boost set at 22 psi
Those plugs are too hot. Run CR43TS or CR42TS.
I'l agree with Ed on the plugs.I always likes R43's for the street @.032-.034" GAP.
One thing I didn't think to mention is that alchohol tends to be a "cooler" burning fuel and may alter O2 readings because of this.
You running Sunoco gas?
im running upi 94...before i replaced the engine it ran the same but the o2 were at 800...i replaced the engine and now im getting lower o2's...not any slower not any faster???
UPI got alchohol in it to get to 94 octane?
not sure..i'll try a different brand...i think im going to put my street 93 chip in it try and see how it works without the alcohol...too many "ifs"with the alcohol
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