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Not running correctly!

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I have an 84 T-Type 15,000 mi on engine, 37# inj, Adj. FPR, Hotwired walbro FP, Cold air kit, Superchip, and a 2800 stall conv.
It hasn't been running well lately. When I start it there is a puff of white smoke that goes away quickly. The car settles into an idle and seems fine at first, but eventually the engine will begin to surge (500-1500rpm sometimes). Today for the first time it died while I was driving down the road! When I cranked it, the car would fire up and immediatly die over and over.
I have done plugs and wires, TPS and IAC adjustments, pcv, fuel filter, cleaned air filter. I am becoming very frustrated. Please Help
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I forgot to mention it has been setting code 45, rich exhaust condition. It only seems to do this during the hot part of the day.
I think that one was linked to the O2 sensor. What shape is it in? They are cheap so why not.
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