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Not here. Over here. ?????

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Here's the deal.
My car has been blowin' smoke for a while.
Last time it did this. It had not been started for like 4 weeks.
I drove it, and the smoking went away.
Since it sat for awhile when winter was here.
It's smoking again.
And this time it's not going away. Oil seal on intake or exhaust side?????
It still has the Stock Garret on it and was looking to upgrade to a 51 series turbo.
But with all the complaints going around about the 51s...
I may as well just go with a 49.
I doubt if the car will see track duty. But street cruizin is likely.

ANYWAY......... The question I have is this.
I took my intercooler off my car to see if I had blown an oil seal (or whatever) on the intake side. No oil from the outlet of turbo.
No oil from the turbo to intercooler.
OIL....... residue in the tube from intercooler to TB.
????????? Where's it coming from????????
The car did have a NOS kit on it. The nozzle was hooked into the system throught the rubber hose just in front of the TB. (NOS kit is not on now.)
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My turbo was smoking/leaking on the exhaust side only.

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any oil in the tube to the tb has to come from the turbo. You do have the vent from the valve cover to the turbo bell disconnected, don't you?

Does it smoke all the time or only at start up?

I have the vent from the Valve cover to turbo disconected.
It has a small breather element in it.
As far as it smoking.
Seems to do it when throughly warmed up.
Not when cold.
Did you "clean out" the intercooler? If the turbo seals are leaking, it should show from the compressor outlet all the way to the throttle body, but if there might be some residual oil hiding out in the bottom of the intercooler - that might be the source of oil on the inlet tube but not on the compressor outlet. JMFHO

Of course, this doesn't help the "smoking while warm" issue

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I say oil seal in turbo.oil won't smoke [burn] cold. Exhaust has to be hot.

Ron {Fuzzy}
He who hesitates is "last" 87GN [email protected]+
What color smoke? Are you sure it isn't condensation?

After sitting for a while, I just crank it 'til I get oil pressure before starting it. It might help you in the future, I know it won't solve your current problem.

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It has a light blue haze to it.
Last couple days.... I would look out through my driver side door mirror to check for the smoke.
I haven't seen it as of the last few days. But can smell burning oil.
Looking out the back window doesn't help as it is tinted.
No oil on the inlet side of the intercooler.
But there is oil in the outlet side and in the up pipe.
I did notice before that it would smoke more when I'd let off the gas.
I'll pull the plugs and check them.
Bout time to change 'em out anyway.
If no oil traces on the plugs.
I'll suspect the oil seal on the exhaust side.
It is the oil seal on the exhaust side.
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