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Non Turbo Crank?

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Has anyone used a normally aspired crank in their turbo engine and have it last? I have a nice 10/10 crank that is begging to be spun.
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some have but they will not take nearly the stress of a turbo crank..probably okay to 400 hp? Maybe!

I sure wish they would"But apparently not cause you can still get a 3.8 block with a non turbo crank from Gm "No ones getting them because they just cant hang apparently!
If GM only knew how many they could sell!
If they didnt cost so much & you didnt have to replace the crank & pistons & void the warrante'I would buy one for the fresh block.
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I had asked this some time ago. I was told by Steve Monroe [member on this and the other board] that he knew a guy with a GN that they figured was making a bit over 300 HP.. and that he had joined the DOTC club.. They weren't sure why as it wasn;t a ultra high HP car, and wasn't detonating.. had a scan tool etc.. Pulled the motor apart and it was an N/A crank. Also heard that Kenne Bell says the N/A crank is useless past 300 HP.

DTA... don't trust anybody...
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Steve Ruston
1987 Turbo Limited
Derek Grubb in PA has a Buick GN powered 240Z and had an NA crank in his engine that lastest a few hundred 1/4 mile passes with no failure before he rebuilt the engine just to refreshen it. It went a best of [email protected] and a perfect state of tune. NA crank remember!

Most of the passes were in the 10's but he did keep boost around 19-20psi and his car is a featherweight at 2550lbs.

I think the NA crank with careful tuning is safe into the 11's. Just don't go nuts with the boost. Personnally I would still rather run a GN specific crank to not temp fate.


2725lb '87 RX-7 w/ '87 GN driveline. [email protected] on NittoDR +stk GN turbo
I won't mention any names, but I know there was a South Florida builder tring to pass them off on the unsuspecting.
If I'm not mistaken that blew up in his face,
no pun intended. Being the crafty well spoken gent he is, worked right around it.

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Didn't somebody on the boards find a guy to roll the fillets for a reasonable price?

Give em' hell!
I suggested that before. Its so damn easy to get a NA crank and they never endure the torture that a turbo crank goes through. Cant someone roll the rod fillets. Puhleeese!
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