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I recieved a phone call from the real Art Carr this morning along with an email.... Here it is
Hi Bruce,
It was sure good talking to you today. I have thought a lot about how you were doing the last five years. I have heard good things about you. That's good! I'm proud!!
I have been depressed with wishing that I had not sold the company over the last few years and I would not have come back if it wasn't for two reasons. The first is, I got screwed out of my retirement money, and the fact is, they have really damaged the name that I was proud of for the last 40 years. It is great that we think so much alike. We can share ideas and both work toward more technology in broader fields.
I like what you are doing in the Buick program. I would really appreciate it if you could tell everybody the real Art Carr is back!! And I will have all of my original employees that were the back bone of the company that was in Fountain Valley. We will be building the 16930 torque converter that Kenny Duttweiler helped use design.
I want everybody to know that the people in Reno, Texas, and ACT transmission in Van Nuys Ca. are no way affiliated with the original Art Carr that is opening up in Huntington Beach. I want to try and help the people that have had problems with any of the above companies. With your support and the two of us working together, I hope to clear my name of any wrong doing.
www.artcarrtransmission.com on the web. [email protected] Tell them to go on the site and log into the e-mail address and let me know of anybody that has had problems with ether Reno, or ACT Transmission. I would like to get intouch with them and see if there is anything I can do to help them out. Tell them I would like good feedback and bad feedback. Just send me the e-mail, and I will answer all of them.
Anything that I can do for you, just let me know.
Your buddy,
The Real Art Carr

Thank you all very much
Bruce Toelle
WE4 in chat rooms,boards
Performance Transmissions
Nor-Cal Turbobuicks
[email protected]

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Having had ALOT of problems with the nitwits
in Reno, I say GREAT NEWS!!! I am very glad
to hear that Art is taking over the reins.
The Reno operation was a total clusterf*&%.

More Power to the REAL Art Carr!
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