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no cold air out of A/C

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I did find the problem though. The clutch is not engaging when a/c is turned on. Everytime I tapped it it would spin. So I guess I have to reset the clutch gap which I have no idea how to do. Any special tools I need?
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or maybe, the system is low on freon?

or maybe, the low pressure switch on the can has died?

I just had a conversion to 134a 2 weeks ago. Low pressure switch is new. I still think its the clutch because after tapping it and getting it to spin, a/c would blow cold air
oh...then it would seem it is the clutch.

Might want to check the clutch power connectionin the back, may be a little loose.. Pretty farfetched, but possible, and easy to check..
ok where in the back of compressor is the clutch power connection?
Clutch connection for power is in the front of the compressor just below the bracket on top of the compressor.

2 wires black connector.

There is a high pressure cutout switch in the back.

Diode should be attached and taped up in that clutch connector too. Don't short the wires messing with it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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