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has anyone done a micro shot nos setup? more
for the charge cooling effect than hp,say like a
20-25 hp setup.i have a single nozzle kit i've been pondering using.my gn is plenty fast,so i don't want or really need it as a power builder.
just goofing around and trying to save trial &
error time. the install is a breeze.i just figure some one has had to have tried this.
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Cew - a 50 shot will give you more of the cooling effect I think you are looking to get. According to N.O.S., "...also to help in eliminating "turbo lag". In addition to adding 30-40% extra HP* and torque, the system acts as an additional intercooler by reducing intake temperatures by as much as 60-75’ Fahrenheit.".

Many of the Buick folk are basically scared of Nitrous, that is why you see the plethera of responses. :D Don't be scared, tune it just as you would anything and HAVE FUN ! headbang

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Here is mine: T NOS
thank you john,i just needed some backup.i ain't nos scared.i just was'nt sure of the safe amount
i'm trying to do a dry setup on the outlet pipe off the front mount or would you think it better
to go into the upper plenum.i do have the parts to go "wet".but i figured a small shot would'nt require that.i also figured i would'nt have to worry about nuking the motor that way.i'm sure
theres plenty of buick people who are super negative about nos but you know what, it's my car.if i do nuke the motor, i've got another one in my garage to drop in.Hmmm maybe with a th400. LOLOLOLOL.am i a prick or what.just having fun

morphed 65 corvair corsa

64 chevelle w/383 stroker

84gn hotair modded out

85 t-type about to get a 455

87 gn,toomuch to list here

84 maserati biturbo (just donated to local h.s.)
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welcome! if you have big injectors (i.e., 50lbs. and up) with a good chip that runs a little fat - Red Armstrong, then a dry shot of 30 - 50 would not hurt it. I like the idea of a wet system as it allows for a certain amount of a safety net. Keep in touch and let me know how it works for you. usa
thanks again john,i have some msd 50#ers on the way,the 50#chips i have are a caspers thumbwheel,
or an atr pitbull.i'm not sure if the pitbull is too agressive for nos.as far as fuel goes i have a hotwired walbro 340 pump and an accufab regulator,and a liquid filled jegs guage.i have
a few nitrous jets but i'm not sure which size
gives what shot.the smallest jet i have is a 26.
any ideas?greatly appreciated. :headbang
I believe a 36 or 37 jet will get you right around the 50hp mark with a dry shot. You may want to call NOS on it as they have it down to an exact science....wet or dry. I know on our bike we use a 36, but 1 per each cylinder! eek!
john i can't even tell you stoked i am.i think
i have a 36. i'm going to do the install this weekend along with an alternator rebuild.i swear i'm gonna need a 5 point harness and a g-proof coffee cup holder.another 50 horses?insane.i appreciate all your positiveness and guidance
i'm more used to people trying to shoot me down
because i'm not running their exact combo.this
nos kit only cost me $150 complete with extras.
$3.00 a horse.now your talking.i'll let you know
the results.kudos
crew, please do it and post the results. I've thought of this for years. Just an itty-bitty shot oughtta do it.
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