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Newsletter Issue 1

The publish date of this newsletter will be Feb. 10. I need 3 days to get everyones contributions molded into a finished product. This means I need your content received no later than Feb. 7th. This will be the first issue of the newsletter for TurboBuicks.com. What will be in Issue 1?

Tech article(s)
Interesting facts
Story of the month
Event News
TurboBuicks.com stats
Links to important areas of TurboBuicks.com

I need mostly tech articles from folks. You can do a search on the board for a well discussed tech topic and cut/paste the content into an article. The end result that gets sent to me should be in your own words and ready for me to paste and format into the Newsletter. Feel free to email me a picture or two. I can resize them and apply the proper formatting for the finished product. The best way to get the content to me is to post it right here in this newsletter forum under a thread you create. I will create a sample.

Hopefully everyone can free up just a few minutes once per month to come up with some content for the newsletter. I know once we get it rolling it will be a valuable resource for this website.
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