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Newbie - 1987 GN

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Hello. New guy here. Recently picked up one of the dream cars in the 1987 flavor. Long time car guy and work in the automotive manufacturing and engineering business. Like to wrench on my own stuff. Mostly into american muscle and euros but can respect anything.

Car is far from perfect but has some redeeming qualities:
Holley terminator -X (complete setup from Cruz performance with 12.3" screen)
New exhaust
New aluminum replica wheels and tires
A trunk with a number of new parts
Some sort of TA58ish turbo
Texas car so really solid

No so great:
Earl Schiebe or Maaco on a bad day paint job on top of a average to rough body
Blew a seal or something in the TA58ish turbo already
Multiple wiring issues
No seat belts
Okay interior

Already started:
New air dam
New LED headlights
LED bulbs everywhere
New taillights (most parts came with car)
Ordered TA5558 journal bearing turbo
Seat belts ordered and received
Chasing down reverse light issue which appears to be on the chassis\ powertrain side as the wiring up to the fuse block is good.

Can't wait to spend more time on it but have a buddies 67 Firebird that I am wrenching on too and I need to get it done before the end of the month. Looking forward to joining the forum.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts