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New Tire Time

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My M/T ET Streets have a chord showing now. I drive my car on the road EVERYDAY!, I need some new rubber that will perform as much as, or better then my ET Streets, but durability is an issue and ET streets are expensive, considering mine lasted 6months.
Any input on which brands hook for my speed level, would be much appreciated!

'87 T .030 overbore/ big cam/ heads port/ polish/ all 3in. pipes (exh and int)inc. MAF/ j&e/ 42.5lb inj. +7th inj./ TE44/ Precision Frontmount/ houston DP/ intercooler scoop/ 11.5in M/T's/ @ 24psi best ET ??.?? @ ???.??
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I use Bridgestone Potenza tires
Really good street tire!!
I really don't think any true street tires will perform as well with regard to traction as the ETs.

On the other hand, they ain't too cool in the wet and, as you said, they are a bit expensive for the wear life.

The Nitto is probably a tenth worse with regard to traction but work very well in the wet and wear about three times longer. They are not exactly cheap=BFG Drag Radials are usually cheaper but they are not too kewl in the wet and they wear faster....some have said the 275/60s that UNGN touts have more tread but I don't know this for a fact.

Too bad they don't make Atlas Bucrons anymore!

i'd go good year GT+4's awsome tires
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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