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We now stock a complete line of all the billet internals available for the 200-4R transmission.
This is in addition to the performance rebuilt transmissions we stock and sell with exchange of a rebuildable BRF core.
Call for pricing as immediate shipment is available.

Also, in the near future, we will be offering a complete line of short and long block crate T/R motors. All motors will built in house and be machined and assembled to correct and accepted T/R standards and specifications.
These motors will range from stock rebuilds to performance versions with P&P iron or aluminum heads and be equipped with either flat tappet or roller valvetrain assemblies.
All performance motors will include the two center two steel caps, girdle, or both, forged pistons, a crank no more than .010 - .010 under, and rebuilt timing cover. The complete reciprocating assemble will be balanced.

We expect availability to commence as soon as the current, in shop, backlog of motor rebuilds now in progress is completed.

Initially, a rebuildable core will be required in exchange.
We will also buy rebuildable cores from those wanting to sell.

Lastly, we now offer roll-bar installation.


Ron's Custom Automotive
Jack Merkel & PJ Performance Engines

Certified NJ Emission Repair Facility
GSCA # 2306 / PR Director
BCA # 26330 www.ronscustomauto.com
Ron: < [email protected] >
Paul: < [email protected] >

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