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New member needs some help/info

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Hi all, new member here. Last year l bought an '83 Regal that's been cloned to look like an '87 GN. But this one has a 400 SBC with a very rare and unique supercharger on it. I decided to do a full body off restoration on it, and in disassembling it l discovered that the radiator support is in pretty bad shape. I do have one from an '82 ElCamino that l own but my understanding is that it's different, and only fits the Regal 4dr and Regal wagon. Does anyone know of one for sale? I do know there are a few places that sell them, but they're pricey, so l'm hoping to find one here. Thanks in advance!
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I have an 87 grand national. I am looking to buy a lock t top
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