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What's up guys? Well I just purchased a supposed 3 owner 93k mile grand national with a low end knock. I am looking for info on a rebuild, I have been racing and building mustangs for years so this turbo 6 stuff is all new.

The car has a decent start built trans and 2800 stall
Turbonetics ball bearing 60mm, headers
Hot wire kit, 255 in tank pump
Scanmaster 2.1 not hooked up yet
The next parts are New in the box morel link bar hyd roller lifters
Locks retainers and springs for comp cam hyd roller cam 69-000-8
266/271 duration 110 sep. .517 .517 lift

Just wondering where I should start? I have not pulled the motor yet.

Any aftermarket blocks besides alum?
Aftermarket heads and intake worth it?

I'm looking to make it a bulletproof fun cruiser, the car still has heat/ac cruise, all power, digital dash, t-tops, alarm with remote start and fresh paint

Any tips suggestions appreciated, thanks Jeremy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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