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Hi, My name is Aaron I am new here I have a 1982 Buick Regal. Just bought another motor which is a 3.8L 231 that I am currently rebuilding, My 4.1 252 took a crap on me as much work I was doing to it, notice it has a crack block near the valley, So I sold the 4.1 short block to a guy in Lufkin, Tx for 150. Bought the 3.8l in Lufkin, Tx from another guy that he had in a 86 Regal that has 154K and running strong. I decided to clean the block up and clean all the RTV that was applied to the all the gaskets that was unnecessary, but maybe that's because his car has hydraulics, but who knows but it was hard to get off. I already have just about all the gaskets in, I just clean the pick up tube and oil pan and the timing chain cover. Next I need to order the APR bolts for the heads, but can anyone give me torque info on oil pump, oil pan? Replace the timing chain and gear, the old one had the original nylon gear which had 6 broken teeth and stress crack all over the gear. The had gasket had the old thin gasket, I'll post more pics in this thread of my build, I am also doing a video that will be on my channel, still making progress on this build.



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