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Hello all. I'm toying with the idea of building a 3.8. Let me get right to questions:
Is a 3.8 is a 3.8 is a 3.8? I'm using an 85 Park Ave as my daily driver. Is it something I want to build up or is different from the T-type and G/N's powerplant? Needless to say it would be transplanted into another vehicle. What would I need to do to slap a turbo on it,intercooler too,and generally make it bulletproof? Maybe someone here could provide me with a proven combo. Am I wasting my time with the 3.8 in the P/A? Do I need to get some other block/heads and pitch what I have,or seriously work what I have? What about a transmission? I don't know exactly what I would put it in,but it would most likely see track use only. 10's would be nice by the way! So what about it guys? Thanks.


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I have no recommendations on what do with an '85 PA engine. I say leave it intact in that car and aquire another complete motor.

For someone proficient with the GN motor, it's not that big of a task to gather all need parts and "make" and engine.

If you have no experience with the GN powerplant, maybe the easiest solution would be to buy a complete motor and trans (2004r), wiring harness and ECM.

I know the first time I looked at this motor, it took me a few minutes to figure out what all the plumbing was for.. and if I had to "build" one by collecting all the correct parts, I would have been very overwhelmed.

Now, it's no big deal. In fact I have been collecting parts for some time now, and I am building another complete engine. I'm using a mid '80's 4.1 RWD block and parts from my 3.8.

Here is a great list of block casting numbers and what could be used to make an engine, 4.1 or 3.8


Either way, we are here to help..

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