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New Heads up turbo class at BG TSM

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James has posted the peliminary rules for the new heads up class at BG it looks as if it will be called TSM (Turbo Street Modified) These rules are not written in stone just peliminary. Take a look if you have problems or ideas the only way you can have changes is to express them. Once the rules are written in to stone there is no changing them. The link is listed bellow. Address any ideas or propose changes to James West as James makes the final decision.

Lonnie Diers
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I'm no veteran buick racer or anything, but few of the cars I know of fit these rules. Unfortunately they have to run against and get killed by high dollar Stage Engined cars. I'd like to see another class for the cars that don't fit this category. "Turbo Regal Stock Unlimited" ?? 5 Simple rules.

1. Stock Block - no outside mods yada-yada....
2. Stock Chassis & Suspension - Aftermarket arms ok, Stock Axle, stock frame (notching ok), Regal body, Fiberglass ok, No Lexan
3. Single 3-Bolt Turbo - No larger than TE63
4. Stock ECM - Period
5. Stock dash and front interior trim, carpet etc. Rear interior may be removed but must be carpeted over, No bare metal interior.

Heads Up .500 Tree - NHRA Safety superceeds class rules.

I'd love to build a car to compete at a GSCA class, but I don't wanna buy a $600 exhaust, and still get waxed by cars that cost more than my annual salary (over 7 years). I think this is an example of a simple, fast, heads up class would be a lot of fun and would be affordable for a lot of guys. And the car would be good for more than just GSCA racing.

My $.02
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Use the link and post your ideas there

Lonnie Diers
revised rules check them out

Lonnie Diers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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