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New guy seeking help

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Hey guys, yeah, a newb here. I don't have a turbo buick, so I hope this post is ok.

What I have is a 1940 dodge with what I think is a 3.8L 231 Buick v6 . But I need help identifying it.

A mechanic friend said if I wanted to know about these motors, this is the place.

I can't check VIN , obviously,so I'm trying to find block number.

Google says it should be right behind the distributor, but I don't see it. Was Told to try top of block at firewall. I found a number there but it's not it. Only 2 letters and 2 numbers.

I guestimated it as 74 to 85 gm because it has a carb (dualjet 210 I believe, with a bowtie on front) and HEI Delco distributor.

I think it's Buick because distributor is in front.

Carb number seems to indicate built in 78 but can't say for sure Original.

Do you guys know where the block number really is? Or any other way to nail down motor, size, and build date ?

I don't have a rack to put it up on.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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