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new guy here with highly modded t BUT

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Hi guys a few towns over i found a 86 black ttype grand nat wheels t-tops and dig dash siting in a driveway i could tell it had been siting a while so i figured i ask.It was backed in the driveway and not that easy to see i walked up and it had weatherd 4 sale sign in it at this point i was thinking im in,no one answered the door and or the number on the sign.Next week i went and the owners father answered the door and told me that there was a problem with the car and he dident know what is was,i asked how much and he said 2,500 so i bought it theres 70,000 the car.I got it home and it would not run i changed the plugs and it ran like **** opend the rad and it was bubbling like mad=blown head gasket.So today my frend came over and said that he met the kid whos car it was his father sold it on him and he had put in 13000 in mods and the car went in the high 11s.but he said that it blew the trans twice,so if your still reading do the 200r4s blow in and 11 second cars.Also the reason for blown head gaskets he said he didnt reuse the headpins afer he had the heads done. help thanx great site here usa
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An 14 second car will blow a 2004r if rebuilt improperly. Sounds like you got a nice deal, but you will want to go through the car since it's in unknown condition especially since the previous owners didn't exactly know what they were doing. The head pins and front cover pins and trans pins were put there for a reason, don't take them out!

Contact one of our lovely transmission vendors near your area for a rebuild. Some new headgaskets and attention to detail and you should be back on the road. Good luck!

Transmission Vendors then click Transmissions...... powersix

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Contact Dynotech (Eric Schertz), He is in Manville and not to far from you. He can help with all your car problems, www.dynotechperformance.com
the kid told my friend that the trans is good and hads no runs on it and thinks that a stock convert would help durability and(said it was built by trans torqure in englishtown a good trans shop)Would a stock convert help?What are some good head gaskets?this site is great:yup:
i would recomend the people bellow in my sig they have been into this forever and they are probely one of the cheapest around....they also make sure that its done right.....they wwont do a half ass job either everything will be done "RIGHT"

if i was u i would get into contact with them
Travis you should come out to Atco on Sunday for the Buick/Ford meet. Many vendors and members here will be there.
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