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Hi all,

I have an '85 T-Type, and a Supercharged '89 Toyota MR2. I used to post on the other site; but have been out of forums for a while; figured I'd swap sites and see how I like this one. :)

The T-Type has an intercooled swap (it turned into a budget build, so it's nothing crazy). It is a 4.1 with a cam, but other than that, most parts are stock. A bunch of stuff has been removed... we got a little carried away, but I'm pretty pleased with how most of it turned out. The engine wiring harness was completely remade and turned out pretty awesome, though it needs some touch ups. The dash-side harness was done as well (which I should have known better than to mess with, electrical has never really been my thing).

The MR2 is completely stock, has 220k miles, and doesn't miss a beat. It gets driven every day and is stupidly fun; especially for being the "high performance" engine with 140 horses. Ha!

I'll post some pictures later, but for now I just wanted to say hi!
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