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How's everyone doing? My names John, my '85 t type is pissing me off as of late, its not running right.


86/87 ECM
Boost gauge
Adjustable fuel pressure reg
Scan master
Aftermarket up pipe( came that way)

It was running ok before I installed the adjustable fuel pressure reg, other than it overboosting due to a bad wastegate.

I believe I currently Have the fuel pressure set to 42 at idle with vacuum line off,
Scan master readings at idle

AF 04

CC sometimes jumps sometimes stays the same.

I have a stock 85 maf, stock 86/87 ECM chip, the air temp sensor I haven't installed yet for the 86/87 ECM.

This car is stumbling has no power and I want to burn it to the ground >:/

Was running ok before but had the bad wastegate so I didnt know where I was at but I could a least floor it.

When I floor it now it just stumbles doesn't rev high or make boost.

I at one point had it very rich and fouled an o2 sensor, I leaned it out and put a new o2 in but this is where I am not wih a stumbly slow car.
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