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NEW GN Collectibles book giveaway! :)

So you guys like free stuff, huh? Me too! Well, to try & increase my sales on this book & some other Buick items I have for sale, I've decided to give one of these books away to a TurboBuicks.com forum member! :cheers:

Here's a link with more details on the book:


I would hope that only people genuinely interested in actually having this book would enter, but I know there's always those who enter anything just because it means free stuff, and I suppose thats ok too. :wink:

There's only a few rules to this giveaway: :crazy:

1) You MUST send me a #10 self addressed stamped envelope (sase), in which you will receive some flyers that I made up for the Turbo Regal items I have for sale. You don't have to buy anything, but you might see something you want! I'm offering some items to TurboBuicks members first before I list on Ebay. :eek!:

2) Include along with your S.A.S.E., on a piece of paper your real name & address along with your TurboBuicks.com USER / SCREEN NAME. :yup:

3) To the winner of the book, I would appreciate it if you would post your comments about the book HERE in this thread, so others will know what they are missing! :cool:

4) Only one entry is allowed per household (even if you see this giveaway on another forum!) & your entry must get to me by the 4th of July! :headbang:

5) I will post the winners SCREEN NAME in this post. :usa:

Good Luck & that's it! :6:

HURRY & send your sases to:

John Zielinski
Box 666
Leonard, MI 48367

By the way, if I happen to get more than 50 entries, I will also give away four stickers. ONE sticker to four different people! (YOUR screen names will also be posted!) Check out the stickers here:

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