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Hey my name is Charlie. I inherited my Dad's 87 GN back in 2009. He purchased it from a guy in Texas back in 88, the same year I was born. It was the first car I ever remember riding in when I was young. Needless to say I intend to be buried in this car, so you could try to offer me all the money in the world for it but I would still turn you down. It has been repainted once about 10 years ago, paint is still in fantastic condition. The engine has been rebuilt once about 6 years ago. The car is mildly modified, chipped to run 15 psi of boost, forged pistons, 3 inch down pipe, custom exhaust with deleted cat, dual fuel pumps....that might be it, it's hard to remember all the things he said he did to it sometimes.

The car currently has a slight rock in the engine (i dont think the engine is knocking) but I have no idea what's causing it. I've heard its the torque converter but im unsure. I just sold a house I owned and planned on using some of the money to fix whatever is wrong with it as well as replace some parts like the radiator etc etc to keep the car in as reliable state possible. The car is already fast enough to put a **** eating grin on my face and knock off most cars I live around so I'm not looking to go crazy with performance parts.

In the event that there is something wrong with the car that I can't fix myself could anyone recommend any reputable G Body shops within the DC area?
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