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New chip

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Hey guys i just got my new Ultrachip from Caspers..i was wondering since the chip is set up for stock injectors and i run it on setting 4 (boost-16.2 psi, rev limiter-6000, W.O.T. spark timing deg-20, and 93 octane) do i have to wait for my fuel press reg before i install it...my bro is convinced i have to but i dont think i do.
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Might not be a bad idea to wait...If you turn the rod down a bit, and keep the boost around 15#, It would probably be okay...especially if you have a scan tool to monitor timing retard.

Yea i will wait till my reg comes in...thanks Steve what would Turbo Buicks do without you?
have a lot less arguing? Salvage would be lonely without dunno me!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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