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I was building a GNX-style instrument cluster for my Regal T, but I'm selling the car soon, so everything that's not already bolted down is being liquidated.

Non-smoking home, shipping from 06029

These gauges are all brand new and were never installed. However, the speedometer was used briefly in a mockup and collected a few tiny nicks on the outer rim along the way (see pics). These likely won't be seen when the gauge is installed in a dash, but I've adjusted the price accordingly. Also, I'm not sure if this speedo came with a light bulb and harness or not, but I think it did (~$8 from Summit), so I've also adjusted the price for that as well. I'm also including links to Summit in order to provide all the technical details you may be looking for.

You want all six gauges? I'll take$320 (plus shipping) as a package deal for the entire set. That's $100 less than if you bought them from Summit! :headbang:

3-3/8" In-dash Analog Speedometer - $60 (normally $100)

3-3/8" In-dash 8,000RPM Tachometer - $115 (normally $125)

2-1/16" Water Temp 100-250 Degrees - $45 (normally $53)

2-1/16" Fuel Level - $35 (normally $43)

2-1/16" Oil Pressure - $45 (normally $52)

2-1/16" Voltmeter - $35 (normally $45)

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