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new at this scanmaster numbers?

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my scanmaster 2.1 is hooked up and when i started the car cold the tool read 740 to 760 -02's
but my car also has alot of fuel smoke when cranking
so then when the idle dropped the millivolt readings just ranged 330 to 500's when idling but when i rev it the numbers would raise from 400 to 700 is this normal and are the millivolt #'s suppose to keep changing from 330's to 500's at normal idle with some idle hesitation too.
the scanmaster retard at idle and in park reving it never changed at all it stayed at 0.0
i run 94 sunoco fuel and r43ts plugs 35"gapped and stock non-adj boost arm right now?

I DON'T GET a STEADY o2 number at idle it reads all kind of low numbers always changing from 340 to 550 at idle?

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sounds about right to me


next question :i'm installing my autometer fuel gauge and i hooked up the auto meter 3ft stainless steele fuel hose straight into the gauge because no other of the supplied fittings fitted except the connector on the fuel line itself same goes for the fuel rail the fuel hose screwed right into it with no other fittings .The problem is,when i start the car i get no fuel pressure reading .Does the power and ground wires have to be wired up for the mechanical fuel gauge to read the pressure or do i need a special fiiting for the fuel rail?
Take the schraeder valve out of the end of the fuel rail and hook it back up. You need a valve core remover like for a bicycle tire.
valve stem remover ;got it.thanks for the help . :)
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