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new 36# blue tops

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Just thought I would tell yall I I just scored a set of 8 brand new Ford 36# blue tops on Ebay for $256. They came from a Accel DFI kit. I am very excited since I couldnt even order new 868's anymore.
How long have the originals been unavailable?
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I think there are still a few in hiding but the new Accel yellow tops are the same injector-you can get them at a good price thru Nick Micale.

Steve, what size are the accel-yellow injectors? Whose chip would work the best with these?
I need to buy new injectors and was looking for either blue tops or 009's.

They are supposed to be the same. 36# and other sizes are available. Jegs lists a 8 pack of 36# at $380+.
Nick Micale is a distributor, I believe...have not priced them but he has said that they have the same flow curve as the originals so any blue top chip should work...drop Nick a line.

Does Nick have an email address?
Nick Micale
3334 W. Marconi Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85053
[email protected]

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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